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Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.
Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.

Manipulation of Register in English and in ASL

This workshop takes us beyond the usual framework of Joos' Five Clock of Linguistic Register (intimate, informal, consultative, formal, and frozen) to look at the factors that lead to the register choices made by native speakers of English in a variety of encounters. We will apply a framework by Halliday and Hasan to look at the social and interactioanal factors that predict linguistic register in spoken English in some sample scenarios. Next we will look a the markers of linguistic register in ASL to determine whether the Halliday and Hasan model is predictive for encounters between Deaf people. Are register choices based on different criteria in ASL? If so, what considerations do interpreters need to weigh when interpreting asymmetrical registers between ASL and English?

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify linguistic features of register in informal vs formal spoken American English
  • Identify the social and interactional reasons for register shift in two contrasting spoken English settings.
  • Correctly predict the linguistic register in a few spoken English scenarios based on the Halliday and Hasan model.
  • Identify linguistic features of informal vs formal ASL.
  • Identify the settings in which formal ASL is used.

Luce Aubry, ALM, CI/CT is Assistant Professor in the ASL program at Framingham State University. She has also taught in the interpreting programs of Northeastern University, the University of Southern Maine and the University of New Hampshire. She has been a reviewer for the Commission of Collegiate Interpreter Education, a member of the NH interpreters and Transliterators Licensure Board, and a rater for the Sign Language Interpreter Screening system under the MA Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She is the daughter of Deaf, LSQ-using parents and has published translations from French to English, including the work of Danielle-Claud Bélanger on interactional patterns in LSQ-French interpreting.

WRSD presents Luce Aubry, ALM, CI/CT

March 16, 2019

Furculo Student Center
Longmeadow Campus of WRSD

Contact: Ami Slater