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Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.
Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.

Outreach Services

The Willie Ross School for the Deaf realizes that full-time enrollment in a school for the deaf is not necessary for all hard-of-hearing students. The Outreach Division was created to assist students and families whose needs are greater than can be addressed in the public school system but less than the needs met at a day school for the deaf.

The Outreach Division also offers a wide range of services from early intervention for infants and toddlers to sign language classes for all ages.

Scope of Services

The introduction of universal newborn screening has expanded the capacity of medical professionals to treat children with a hearing loss. However, while children and their families are now able to receive the appropriate auditory services sooner than ever before, initial service providers sometimes lack the skills to properly assess each child's hearing loss.
Direct services and consultation are provided by licensed professionals trained and experienced in working with deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
The Outreach Division allows for students with a hearing loss who attend their local public schools to receive extensive audiological support. The Laurin Audiological Center in Pittsfield, made possible by the generosity of one of WRSD's Trustees, serves students in Berkshire County, and the Curtis L. Blake Audiological Center in Longmeadow serves students throughout the region.
American Sign Language classes are intended to facilitate communication among hearing, hard-of-hearing and deaf individuals. Classes are offered in 14-week increments in the spring and fall and meet on Tuesday evenings at the Willie Ross main campus in Longmeadow.

Partnership Programming

WRSD is able to develop, staff, implement and manage programs within school districts, and services can be tailored to students' individual strengths and challenges.