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Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.
Founded by parents... providing excellence in education, one child at a time.

Parent Q&A

Why does my child need to use sign language?

Because your child has a hearing loss, he/she is behind in language development.  Sign language helps your child develop language ability.For hard of hearing and cochlear implant students, using sign language while developing speech reduces frustration in communicating and facilitates learning.  As your child develops spoken language, they will use whichever method is most comfortable for them.

My child has a cochlear implant, why should he/she use sign language?

Sign language helps facilitate the understanding of spoken language.

If my child uses sign language with a cochlear implant, will he/she stop talking?

No, just the opposite.  Sign language will help your child develop spoken language.

Why does my child need to go to a school for the deaf?

It is less restrictive to attend a school with peers who are deaf, where communication is not frustrating, and where teachers understand and are trained to teach deaf students as opposed to a school where no other students are deaf or hard of hearing and teachers are not equipped to teach deaf students. The environment at a school for the deaf also makes it comfortable to learn with carpets, soundfield systems, and FM sound. 

Will my child ever return to a public school?

As your child develops language, literacy skills and social skills and closes the gap between performance level and grade level, and when the public school can meet all of your child’s needs by providing an appropriate classroom environment, audiological services, interpreters where needed, speech and listening services, then it may be appropriate for your child to return to the public school.

Why does Willie Ross have classes in a public school?

For students who are ready for integrated learning and social experiences, Willie Ross provides our students the chance to be with hearing students by participating in mainstream classes with or without interpreters, based on their individual needs.

How do you teach them?

  • According to their needs, one child at a time
  • With spoken language
  • With sign language
  • With speech and sign to help them understand language and acquire language
  • With visuals
  • With demonstrations
  • With role playing
  • With experiences
  • With deaf and hard-of-hearing peers and hearing peers when appropriate
  • With interpreters when appropriate
Will my child use spoken language or sign language?

Because your child will be taught with both spoken and sign language, they will use what is most natural and comfortable for them.

If my child has a cochlear implant, will sign language stop them from talking?

No. It has been proven that sign language helps a child with a cochlear implant to understand speech and develop spoken language.

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